In a world and in a season where we are often focused on accumulating more of everything, I have been in wonder about the number one. One little word that contains so much power.

In almost every era there has been one remarkable human being who forever changed the world. Each of these people no doubt had one opportunity to make one decision that went directly to the place inside that held the one highest truth of that person.

It takes one note to start a song, one smile to change a day, and one “I’m truly sorry,” to stop a fight. You can eradicate darkness with one tiny flame from a candle. You can overcome hate with one act of love. It takes one smile to begin a friendship or one kiss to start a lifetime together. One tree no doubt started the forest and one breath, a life. It takes one word to start each prayer or mantra.

In the din of chaos or confusion, it takes only one voice to return to wisdom. It takes one act of righteousness or courage to start a movement. It takes one song to make you remember and one card to make you cry. It takes only one person who cares to make you want to try harder and only one who loves you to make you want to stay on the planet and play.

It can take one touch to show you care and one voice of hope to make it possible to take the final step. One vote can change a nation and one moment of insight, a reality. One truth can shatter illusion while one idea can create a vision. A single notion can create an exploration. One question can begin a whole dialog and one more new philosophy.

Though out our life we seek the one perfect beloved, the one right moment to meet him or her and the one right song that says it all. We look for the one space in which to be safe and the one career that will bring us satisfaction. We long to fulfill the one purpose for which we came.

Sometimes it takes only one mentor, teacher, guru or one compassionate soul to give us one glimpse of the truth that we are worthy enough, lovable enough and able to make a difference in the world. It only takes one look at a new born to know that some Divine Source exists in the Universe and only one kiss of puppy breath to know that it is surely love. Most – no, not yet – but many of us finally understand that there is only one us manifesting in a multitude of different hues, countries, lifestyles and different forms. There is only one of us who feels the heart break and heart beat of the earth – one human family, one precious, fragile experiment.

There are a million scientific studies that prove it only takes one of us to begin the ball rolling – to start the accumulation of morphic-resonance or mass conscious energy required to positively change the world forever. So, perhaps this Holiday, you and I could take one moment amidst wrapping all those packages and offering Holiday toasts to say one prayer of thanks, to speak one word of peace on behalf of the earth and do one act of good will toward another. Perhaps we could choose to take that one step toward a family member or friend, make that one decision that brings greater unity or creates one moment that evokes healing. And, take one moment to go outside and thank whatever you perceive the Universal Energy to be.

© Dr. Dina Bachelor Evan 2013

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