Welcome - Dr. Dina has two missions.

  1. Help therapists bring energy, joy, new tools, and skills to their process, while creating a practice that is flourishing and fun.
  2. Provide individuals the support they need to fulfill their purpose and create conscious communication, safe boundaries, definitive goals, fulfilling relationships, and a life well lived.
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Hi my name is Dr Dina Evan and I have been around a while and I have had the great privilege of pushing my soul forward with my life experiences and the work I do.

As a coach, I have a proven ability to screen, motivate, train and support professionals who strive for and achieve standards of personal and professional excellence.

I’ve taught thousands of single and married people in seminars how to wake-up and create the life and relationships they want. To find out more about Dr. Dina and her experience, visit the Meet Dr. Dina web page.

When the pandemic hit many of us lost sight of our purpose, when in fact, it is more important now than ever and that’s why I invite you to stay on this site – DrDinaEvan.com – and take advantage of the videos, exercises and articles for free. Also, please visit my Facebook page where I post frequently.

If you need help in your therapy or counseling profession or as an individual, make an appointment for a full phone session. Just call me to schedule a day and time at 602-571-8228.

We still have great work to do. Let me walk beside you as together, we wake up, change the world and create conscious, loving relationships with everyone. I really want to hear from you and we really can make a difference, as we change our lives and this world.

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