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FREE Relationship Video Series

A special gift: For years Dr. Evan had presented workshops and seminars for thousands of couples, individuals and professionals and now you can view them for free on this site and on YouTube!

Price: $15.oo plus shipping

Love Always
A Spiritual Guide to Richer, Lasting Relationships

“Dina’s book gave me the freedom and safety to explore deeper levels of communication in relationships-both with myself and another person. The tools she gives are clear, inspirational and they work! You are taken on a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY that awakens who you are, and who you can be in a lasting relationship, GAY OR STRAIGHT. If that is your goal, this book will be life changing.”

Katherine Fugate, Film & TV Writer, Creator of TV Series Army Wives

“This is such a warm hearted-book, it seems unnecessary to mention that it is also wise and useful. Relationship counselors should find this book enormously helpful in setting up meaningful activities for clients.”

Price: $15.oo plus shipping

Break Up or Break Through
A Spiritual Guide to Richer Gay and Lesbian Relationships

“We have been lucky enough to know Dina for years, in fact she gloriously officiated at our wedding. We know we loved her and attended one of her weekend Breakthrough relationships retreats. Respectful, discreet, fun and encouraging. We spent the weekend laughing and participating with diverse couples and singles. We learned some tools for “breaking through” tough spots and making an already good relationship better. Dina is a master and we are delighted she put these new tools and concepts in a book for everyone.”

Kathy Najimy, Kathy and Mo, Sister Act and Veronica’s Closet
Dan Finnerty, The Dan Band, HBO

Price: $20.oo plus shipping

Amazing Space CD
Energy/Chakra Balancing and Memory Resolve Meditation

Especially for You

In addition to your respiratory and circulatory system, you have a system for the flow of energy in your body. This system is called the chakra system and consists of vortexes of energy located in specific places throughout your body. When this energy is free flowing and healthy you feel alive and are able to express your feelings without resistance or conflict. You feel energized.

Track one of this CD is the Energy/Chakra Balancing meditation that will assist you in clearing these chakras and balancing your energy.

Track two, Memory Resolve, is designed to help you resolve past trauma or painful experiences that are still affecting your choices or your ability to move forward in your life today. 

Please do not listen to this CD while driving because it takes you into a deep meditative state. Take the time you need to be in a quiet space, with ample time to do your healing work.

Price: $20.oo plus shipping

Breathe Daily Inspirations Calendar

You Asked For It!

For over a decade, Dr. Evan has connected to her worldwide spiritual family through inspirational weekly messages. She views these messages as gifts of Spirit from her heart and soul. In the remote corners of Bali, France, England or Pittsburg, this family connects in the energy and in the center of the words, and the truths that touch and unite us.

She has now accumulated your favorite messages from over a decade and has put them in a beautiful perpetual calendar. You can find an inspiration for each day of the year, or take a breath and open this book for the exact right message that the Universe wants you to have.

We hope these touch your heart, expand your mind, and forever remind you that you are loved and part of our special spiritual family.

As Dina would say…Just Breathe.