Your Path and Purpose Video Series

Waking Up Together (20 minutes)

Life’s Secrets for FREE. Are you doing what you came here to do? Are you feeling you are missing something important about your purpose? Most of us are longing for that deep satisfying feeling of fulfillment but unfortunately most of us still haven’t found it. These videos are going to give you the tools you need to get to finally to get to that place for which you have been searching. And you won’t believe where my journey began! It was in a cowboy’s bathroom and ended in my finding my purpose during a 37-day water fast in Lincolns Church Springfield Ill. in 1982 where, along with thousands of other men and women, I gave myself equality and has continued ever since.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what color your skin is, what language you speak or what you look like because this planet is a school and you are a student in these classes whether you know it or not. However, once you know it, the fun begins. Life becomes lighter and so much more fulfilling and joy starts spilling out of you for yourself and everyone else. But, don’t take my word for it! Come join us and see for yourself!

Your Path and Purpose Series Overview (11 minutes)

Your Path and Purpose! Here they come…tools that will actually change your like so get ready! Tell me something. What are you going to pack in your suitcase when you are ready to leave the planet? Will it be that Stock portfolio, that bank account, that big or small house those bright red socks? Guess what? You can’t take any of that with you so it’s okay to work very hard for it but it’s not okay to never find the thing you came here for in the first place…your purpose. You may be able to show everyone what a great provider you are but who are you as a soul, a spirit, a human being and even more important what did you REALLY come here to accomplish and are you doing it?

Do you feel you are in a REAL relationship, the kind you always wanted and dreamed about-not only with your beloved or your family, but first and foremost, with yourself? It’s not your fault if your answer is no. The rub is that we do not get these tools and skills to create these things from our families of origin because our parents never got the tools either. We don’t get them in grammar school, high school college and even therapists are not taught these critical things. Most of us don’t feel connected to each other much less ourselves, so that is why we are going to give you the tools you need to create exactly that.

So if you are bored, feeling empty need to fill up your satisfaction gas tank, you are in the right place and it’s all free! What’s more it will be so much easier than you think. Have you ever had an ah ha moment? Well although it may be grammatically incorrect, it is very correct that once you hear a truth it resonates through you and you can never not know it again. You will hear truths here and you will feel them move through you as if you are opening a door to a new life, and you are. So set some time aside to watch every video, share them all and do the exercises and let’s get the world started healing! That is part of what you came here to do, but you are already knew that didn’t you? Let’s go!

Relationships: How To Create The Relationships You Want In Your Life (16 minutes)

There is only one reason you get into relationships! It’s to find out who YOU are. Yep relationships are never about the other person. You see relationships are the ONLY WAY to find out how truthful you are, how authentic and vulnerable you are willing to be, how committed you are. These are the values and basis of courage. If you can’t be vulnerable and MUST ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL, you can never really be in love because real love requires you to become and totally spiritually and emotionally nude. Meaning you have nothing you need to hide and nothing for which you need to be ashamed.

Now don’t get panicked, because it’s a process, not an instantaneous requirement and the process is precious and deeply connecting when you are dancing with someone who wants to be awake and real as well. The gifts are enormous and forever unfolding even as you get older because we never know everything about our partners or ourselves, and the Universe is always offering new experiences so we can know ourselves better.

Unfortunately most of us create relationships out of need rather than love. We do not want to feel alone. We need a partner to clean the house and take care of the kids or bring in the money. We need to know we are lovable. See what I mean? And guess what happens when we make our choices out of need? When our partner walks out the door, and either you or your partner will do that because need is not love, your safety, lovability and sense of self goes with him or her. And we are not just talking about romantic relationships only. We do the same things with our friends and children and family. So here is the big news; relationships are the only path to enlightenment. Come and walk on that path with us. Start now and then form a discussion group to watch the with and do all the exercises. That’s a great experience because you get to hear how others are growing as well and you won’t be the only spiritual master in the room. 😉

Downloads for this session: Relationship Report Card, This Is Who I Am

Awareness: Your Internal Wisdom (23 minutes)

What don’t you know? If I asked you right now what is love? How would you answer that? Or, if I asked what is yours or you partner’s or child’s greatest hope for him or herself? Could you answer that? When was the last time you did something and a little voice inside told you wait don’t go there and you did it anyway? How long did it take you to clean up the mess? Most of us are actually very wise, however, because of all the negative programming, advertising and commercial ‘gobbledygook in the world, we don’t listen to ourselves.

It’s as if we are sitting in little boxes filled all the things the world wants us to create and trying to be who the world wants us to be. However, NOW is the time for us to be different than those around us. It’s time to set an example and stand fast in our humility, compassion, truth and honesty and love because if we don’t we may not be able to save this planet. And if you understand what I just said, you have already been chosen or you chose to do exactly that, so start now.

How many of your relationships would you describe as meaningful? And if you are a person who is wise enough to have developed those kinds of relationships, what makes the relationship meaningful to you? Deep committed friendships, family ties and partner commitments are amazingly life giving. They bring joy, excitement and on-going growth to our lives They are the spiritual and emotional classes we don’t get in our families or in school. Now you can get them here. And you can share them, start your own discussion groups and keep the exciting process of expanding your awareness going. Come on. Jump in now.

Downloads for this session: The Awareness Inventory

Boundaries: Keeping You Safe and Letting Others In (26 minutes)

Boundaries – Not a Wall – They Are Your Best Friend.

Boundaries are critical to successful communication and successful relationships. Yet, when I start to talk about boundaries to most people and couples, they immediately envision something that keeps people out or away. Actually, boundaries allow people in and allow you to create deeper and more meaningful connections and they affect almost every aspect of our lives. However, we don’t learn about boundaries in our families of origin, in school and even therapists are not taught about anything except professional laws and boundaries.

Let’s see how many boundaries effect you every day. How do you feel when someone stands so close in the grocery they can watch you putting in your credit card pin? That’s a personal space boundary violation. How do you feel when someone tells you what you ought to be thinking rather than respecting what you are thinking? That’s an intellectual boundary violation. Have you ever been sexually or physically violated? If so that’s a physical violation of your boundary. Do you love it when someone tells you what you should be feeling rather than what you are feeling? That’s an emotional violation of boundaries. And how about when someone makes you feel worthless and as if you are of no value. That’s a violation of the worst kind, It’s a spiritual violation.

It’s time we learned to respect each other and the incredible diversity life brings us in each other and stop being so afraid. Join us and learn how you release the need for sameness and create an openness that is respectful and joyful.

Communication: How to Deepen and Resolve Everything with Respect (24 minutes)

Let’s talk!

This is a biggie! Guess what? About 95% of the time my response to you and everything in life is about me – it’s not even about you! I can’t tell you how many times people families and couples, have come into my office ready to split up because of some issue that has been causing pain for years. Someone will appear totally shocked and say “I didn’t know you felt like that!” And the other person will inevitably say, “I have been saying it for years. You just don’t listen.”

Communication is a beautiful dance unless, you are always trying to be right, needing to be in control or you are not listening and honoring the other’s perspective as well as your own. When you know how to communicate with honorable boundaries you can resolve almost every problem that arises so having those good boundaries.

When you can listen without being triggered or fearful, you and your partner can find mutual resolve. And even when you end up not agreeing, you don’t make each other feel wrong or diminished. You simply talk again later of come back with new ideas or perspectives or you might even realize you are willing to give a bit because the issue was/is not as important as you originally thought it was. SO down load the communication exercise and start doing it this week. Talk about it in your discussion groups and share it with friends. I can guarantee you that the clients who use this tool never come back to therapy with the same old issues if they ever need to come back at all.

Downloads for this session: Communication Exercise

Commitments: Creating and Keeping Conscious Commitments That Last (34 minutes)

Commitments – Scary or Sacred

The ability to keep your word is one of the main defining facets of our character. If I can’t trust you, I probably won’t want to keep you in my life. Why would I? However, for us individually, it’s one of the finest classes in this spiritual school because it’s about my ability to keep my word, and fine tuning my character. It’s about excruciating truth telling and my sense of honor. It creates safety both for me and for those in my life because without my ability to commit there are no plans of any kind that can come to fruition, including relationships.

Making commitments and keeping exercises your heart and mind because they need to be in alignment in order for me to be standing in integrity. See it is all about you!

In fact, all the classes are about you and if you feel it is time for you to have joy, sacred connections and deeper awareness, all these classes are for you so start them today. And here is the kicker. Doing this is what you came here to do. So I am going to ask you a question. Are you being who you came here to be and doing what you came here to do? If the answer to that is not yet, then now is the perfect time to give this gift to yourself.

Downloads for this session: Commitment Exercise

Excruciating Truth-Telling: The Foundation of Your Character (20 minutes)

Did you know there are several different kinds of truth? So what do we do when my truth and your truth collide? Where does our truth come from?

When truth is not the very foundation of every relationship, there can be no trust and no growth because there is no safety. So why then is it so hard to tell the truth all the time? I think most of us find it hard because we are more focused on being right, looking good or having more control or power. However, when we are trying to achieve by lying to get there, we are do so with a major loss if integrity, to our own values and spirit. Our courage gets diminished and our sense of self-respect is lost. Think about it. How do you feel when you know someone has lied to you? Do you feel there is anything you can trust them about?

Another reason we may hesitate to tell the truth is because we think doing so might hurt another person. Honestly, lying hurts that person more because is sends the message that you do not believe the person is worthy of or capable of dealing with the truth.

Delivering the truth doesn’t need to be done with a sledge hammer.  This segment will give you some basic tools to help you tell your truth with confidence and compassion. It will also help you hear the truth without over-reacting and give you some tools for getting to resolve together. It will show you how and why truth may be the greatest gift you can give to those you love and respect. Start a discussion group today and begin practicing…you’ll have fun and love the outcome!


It is critical to remember that forgiveness doesn’t automatically mean you want a reconciliation. It does not require having to return to the same relationship or accept the same harmful behaviors from someone who has hurt us. Forgiveness can be challenging, especially when the offending party offers either an insincere apology or nothing at all.  There are many mis-conceptions about forgiveness. Here are few we will cover:

  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are pardoning or excusing the other person’s actions.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean you need to tell the person that he or she is forgiven.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean everything is okay now.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to continue to include the person in your life.
  • … and forgiveness isn’t something you do for the other person.

By forgiving, you are accepting the reality of what happened and finding a way to live in a state of resolution with it. This can be a gradual process—and it doesn’t necessarily have to include the person you are forgiving. Forgiveness isn’t something you do for the person who wronged you; it’s something you do for you.

From a Zen perspective, if the issue continues to be an issue, or continues to arise, there is some part of it that still needs attention or is not yet resolved.  Simply slow down, without any judgment on yourself or anyone else, try to see what part of this old issue is still attempting to get your attention.

A person who is unable to forgive may have a sense of entitlement – a belief that you have the right to what you want or need regardless of who the other person is or what others want or need.  You may have the belief that your partner, friend or family member should give up himself or herself to be who you need them to be. This however requires a perception that you are somehow fundamentally superior.

Holding back forgiveness can also be because one feels fundamentally inferior and refuses to forgive in order to maintain power. It’s about a power struggle. Beneath that arrogance and entitlement is really the terror of ridicule, rejection or abandonment. Forgiveness is a fundamental requirement for all of us. Watch this video and get the tools to do it with peace and ease.