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You need someone who has your back in these trying times!  Therapists and coaches begin to find themselves experiencing burnout and a loss of joy in their work within just a few years in practice because no one has their back and the excitement of having on-going learning experiences are fewer.

That does not have to happen!

 You can bring the joy back with new ideas, new tools and the excitement of a practice that is flourishing, and get back to knowing you are fulfilling your purpose.

I believe in what we do, now more than ever, and I want to have your back!


$140.00 for each hour session (45-minutes).

$300.00 for three sessions within a 2 month period paid in advance  (A $120.00 savings).

$50 for Quick Answer sessions of 15 minutes.

What people say…

Dina’s insight and skills for dealing with people with integrity and a confidence creates trust and ultimately success. She has two PhD’s in Psychology, a Masters in counseling and a PhD in Holistic Health together with thirty-year’s experience and a successful practice. She is a noted speaker and trainer who has designed EAP Programs and corporate universities for major corporations including American Express and Cold Stone Creamery.

Dina is an adjunct professor at Arizona State University, Glendale Community College and a past Director of Education for Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  She is an excellent coach with proven ability to screen, motivate, train and support professionals who strive for and achieve standards of personal and professional excellence.

If you want to…

  • Have an on-call partner invested in building your strong successful practice
  • Increase your income and success with clients
  • Get professional support and increase your energy and joy
  • Get the tools that create a thriving practice and motivated clients
  • Clarify your vision and purpose
  • Avoid pitfalls and build trust in yourself and your clients
  • Create transformational experiences for your clients
  • Get tools that help couples build ethical boundaries and successful, respectful communication safely
  • Get specific support with trauma resolution, dissociation, abuse and office procedures and policies
  • Get ideas for expanding your practice and client count
  • Learn to communicate about difficult issues directly with your clients
  • Get tools for your personal growth and that of your clients
  • Learn how to deepen your approach and practice safely while increasing your income
  • Avoid burnout and exhaustion
  • Become a better clinician and experience being on purpose and with excellence.
  • Become confident with your experience and intuition.
  • Clarify who your ideal clients are and how to reach them
  • Clarify your vision of a successful practice and life well lived.

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