Last night my granddaughter Brianne took me to a Def Jam poetry reading in a small strip mall, in a dark room painted red and black with one restroom that worked occasionally. The room was mostly filled with African-American brothers and sisters, a Hispanic or two – and me – the only one white as a cotton ball and older than all of them. To my surprise, Brianne got up and read a beautiful, heart felt poem she had written for my birthday and then her friend Tunesha sang Happy Birthday me in front of everyone. I was so touched, so deeply moved by her words that I couldn’t contain myself and ended up in tears. She got a standing ovation.

The rest of the evening was filled with young poets, powerful women and striking men, who poured out their souls and did their thing with the most incredible amount of spirit I have ever heard. They were conscious. They were filled with love for everyone. They were awake and creating light in this little corner of the world. Somewhere in the cosmos last night the angels gave them a standing ovation as well.

There was a time in my life when – providing you even dared to talk about spiritual topics – people would think you were crazy. Now, whenever you go anywhere or meet with any one, something of a conscious nature becomes part of the conversation. There are more light teachers on the planet than ever before. There are more people, in more countries working for peace than ever before. When I first began to teach about spirituality there were 2500 sites on the web about this topic. Now there are 67,100,000 sites that come up under that one word. So, why then are we in such turmoil? Because we are supposed to be.

This is a time for choices. We cannot make choices without polarities and options that allow for both ends of the continuum…the higher vibrations and the lower ones. So now in our lives we are seeing things more clearly. The choices are with out question, more clearly defined. We are either honest or dishonest. We can’t be a little of both. We are either truthful or not truthful. We can’t be both. We are either awake or unconscious. There’s no middle ground. We are either empowered by our friends and relationships or drained by them. We are either aligned with our own decisions or in a sort of dissonance that creates discomfort. The choices are clear, so long as we are listening.

Don’t be disappointed if you are feeling a bit like a pioneer now. People who are conscious are pioneering and planting seeds in every family, every corporation and every meeting. You may have elected on some soul level to bring awareness to those you love. Celebrate that and get yourself connected to the meetings, the resources and the people who support you staying strong on your path.

Imagine what life might be like if the next word and the next action came from your highest self. Imagine what it would be like if all your words and actions came from your highest self. Imagine if we were all operating, speaking and acting from that aware state. Whatever fear just came up in you when you read that sentence…that is your work; to find a way to step across the gap and your fear into that place that operates from your spirit, no matter belief system you may have.

Spirituality and the opportunity to become conscious is everywhere. It’s in the program. It’s in the family. It’s in a little broken down strip mall with no out side lights, and a red and black room, where young people talk about the spirit of change. Spirit is simply where ever you are.

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