Einstein said, “Like energy draws like energy.”  It appears that we have reached a tipping point in the energy of separation, hatred and extraordinary acts of violence. We live in a time filled with more contempt, violence and total disrespect for integrity and character than ever before. Integrity and character are labeled weakness today, classified as a lack of strength. Many of us are standing back aghast, wondering what the hell do we do and where do we even start to make things better. Our systems are corrupt. Many of our politicians are corrupt. Safety and peace seem to be a notion from the past, long since gone.  I don’t know about you but I am hard pressed to find a television show or movie that isn’t filled with the misuse of power as the main theme that includes killing (mostly women), deception and manipulation. It’s dripping from the top of corporations and politics down like an old syrup that sticks to everything and creates the worst kind of nausea and stomach ache from which you can’t get away.

Crimes, wars murder, deception, contempt, lawlessness and hate all depend on a basic belief in separation. We have to push away, because we can’t see ourselves as part of something we want to hate. We have to make someone, some country, some gender, some belief system an other, in order to push them away and hate them. In addition, we abhor difference and we are a society addicted to sameness. If you dare to be different there must be something wrong with you, or worse yet, wrong with me. So, for those of us who still long for a saner world, what’s our next step?

Shall we march en masse to Washington? That’s been done, hasn’t helped much. Shall we write letters, send emails, make phone calls, go door-to-door? That hasn’t helped much either. So exactly what would help? Well we know the abuse of power certainly isn’t limited to politicians or criminals. In my practice I see it all the time in managers, husbands, wives, partners and even children. It’s about dominating others, gaining control and it is always driven by a lack of confidence in one’s self. True power never seeks to control or manipulate. It leads by example and exercises compassion and respect. It’s not power that corrupts, its corrupted individuals who misuse power.

So what are we to do to change this? Perhaps ignore it? Well yes,  in the metaphysical sense at least, meaning we stop talking about it, feeding it and creating more energy around it Instead I think we should Nike, Jordache or Apple it. You know…start a revolution of sorts and let it catch fire. Let’s create a new level of consciousness and check out of the fear and hatred. What might happen if you walked up to someone you ordinarily wouldn’t give a second thought to or had a judgment about and said, “Would you be willing to create a space of peace with me for the next minute or two?  What if you took that person’s hand or just stood for a moment with a smile on your face and then made a mutual promise to pass the experience on at least once a day, everyday? What if we told our kids to do it and they did it with other kids?  Maybe it’s time to stop fighting the negativity and create what we want instead of feeding what we don’t want. Our next move may simply be to start a movement that creates peace. What if we did that once a day every day? What if thousands of people were doing it?

How do we create a world filled with peace? Well if like energy draws like energy, let’s make peace and feed it like our lives depend on it because they do. Sounds Pollyannaish? Nike, Jordache and Apple didn’t think so. Want to know what your next move looks like? Let’s create some harmony and peace at least once a day, every day starting right now!

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