It is at the edge of each new beginning that miracles await. There are certain milestones or benchmarks in life that signify a new beginning. Death. Rebirth. Birthdays. Graduation. Marriage. Even divorce can sometimes be a new beginning. And of course, every twelve months there is the beginning of each New Year.

These are opportunities for a paradigm shift in awareness. This shift in awareness, although available at any moment in time, seems to have added energy during these special times. Perhaps it is because we give ourselves permission to do it better, start over or begin again. Albert Einstein once said, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” What is the difference? Could it be as simple as a change in perspective?

I have a friend who died this month. An unfortunate mistake made by the hospital caused her to have a seizure that damaged her brain to the extent that there was no hope for recovery. Two weeks prior, she was a vibrant woman warrior. Today she is gone.

My doctor told me a story last week about a man who was allergic to bee stings. He walked out in the back yard, without telling his wife, and was stung. As he lay on the ground with his throat closing, knowing he was about to die, he let go. In that moment of sweet relief, the last thought he remembered was, “Why did I believe everything had to be so hard?” Moments later, the paramedics arrived and revived him, but his experience changed his life. What life changing belief are you willing to transform…. now in this new beginning called New Years?

These are drastic examples, and you don’t need a drastic life-changing event in order to drastically change your life. Most people waste a lot of time and energy making resolutions they never keep. Just make one! One life changing decision that you can keep is all you need. One simple change in perspective and you can improve the quality of your life. Eat better. Love deeper. Tell more of your truth. Be authentic. Stay in gratitude. Wake up. Create meaningful relationships. Take a real risk and love yourself. One simple decision can change your entire life.

We are often held hostage by the status quo, the familiar and the known. Even when they are not working, at least we know how to deal with it. Right? But have you considered the cost of staying in the status quo? How many of our dreams do we have to kill to stay there? How much of our passion is denied in order to survive there? What is life not well lived worth? What is the point of coming here in the first place if you are not going to get the lessons, embrace the opportunities and create what you desire? This is your opportune moment. How many more moments, hours, days, and years do we each have? More importantly how many more are we willing to waste in the status quo? Ten minutes of a life lived well is worth a lifetime of mediocrity.

So here it is. This is your reminder that you are a powerful, intuitive, able spirit in human form and you have the capacity to turn your life around. Don’t make it hard. Just do one – one little decision that makes your life more meaningful. The world changes one person at a time. One day at a time. And in time, every life-changing event you create also creates a world event and a better place for all of us. We wish you a wonderful new year free of the status quo and filled with the excitement of the unknown…creating as you go.

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