Truth is tricky! We know that truth without compassion is brutality. Truth without compassion is another form of violence. It’s a lot of  yakkity yak and when it’s said without compassion it is normally filled with assumptions and judgment. Today, that kind of  “truth”  is rampant. It fills our newspapers, magazines and TV and is the primary destructive force in our personal relationships. And, it’s a killer. It kills our sense of safety. It kills our sense of confidence and trust. It kills our ability to move forward with greatness.

Real communication, or enlightened communication, comes from participating in a conscious dialog. Much of what we say and hear these days is sound bites, party lines, corporate speak and discourse designed to elicit a specific response, rather than designed to create a mutual, conscious exploration of possibilities. We twist or tweak the facts. We spice things up with veiled threats or a touch of emotional hijack. We blast. We manipulate the numbers or the facts. We amp up the volume or intensity. We focus on ourselves, the negative, or opportunities to be the center of attention and add drama. We diminish  others with interrogation, intimidation or interpretation, more often than not, incorrect because we have not allowed for a sane mutual exchange. In short, we communicate with the intent to manipulate, coerce or control, rather than communicating from a position of ethical personal or professional power. We have lost our moral compass and most of us are not yet awake to this energetic form of violence, even though we feel it, and experience an ungrounded lack of safety from it.

Why are we not invested in conscious communication? Perhaps because it rquires some level of vulnerability. We might have to admit we are wrong. We might feel some sense of responsibilty for the issue at hand or some feeling we want to deny. We might have to embrace some pain we are misplacing and projecting onto someone else.. We might have to come to the realization that we are not perfect or cooked. Conscious communication requires giving the  other the benefit of the doubt. It requires asking questions and waiting with an open mind to hear anothers truth. It requires letting go of our need to be right and releasing our ilusion of haing or needing the power.

Unfortunately, today, our role models in government and others in power are bleak. Compassion and openness are seen as a lack of power, rather that the best of real power. The truth is that a person who is in his or her power always listens more than he or she speaks, especially in a conflict. We cannot resolve a conflict unless we understand each other. Thirty-five years of experience tells me that once each person has presented his or her truth, there is always a path to resolve and healing.

Like a breath of fresh air, the moment we return to the truth-which is sometimes more difficult, but always healing-the energy begins to spiral toward clarity and empowerment. Genuine compassion is felt. Pure truth cuts through the fear making a space for resolution. Some might think this is a little thing of no consequence. However, the degree to which we are able to communicate consciously is a direct reflection of the degree to which we become have become enlightened. Conscious communication is at the core of enlightenment-it is the outward manifestation and catalyst of enlightenment. Think for a moment about the last time you connected with someone in pure authentic truth. In that moment, your vibrational frequency was raised and your body held the energy of enlightenment. In that moment, you ascended just a bit. Care to go higher? Commit to compassionate, excruciating truth telling

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