Four times, I have witnessed the birth of my grandchildren. It was miraculous every time. The doorway to an unknown world opens and life embraces a tiny human and the mystery begins. Who will this one be? And, who did you intend to be? This is a time of year filled with issues of birth and rebirth. It is a time to reevaluate who we are and ask how, in the time remaining in our life, will we fulfill the purpose we chose at our beginning, just before our first breath and fresh look at this world.

How many people do you think fulfill their purpose? How many even know their purpose? This is an amazing question and what I know about is that at the time of our death, seldom do we regret what we did, good or bad, during our life. What we regret is what we did not do. Did we love fully? Did we allow ourselves to be truly loved? Were we the best we could have been? Did we tell the truth and be authentic? Did choose to do the ethical or moral thing even when no one was watching? Were we a true companion? Did we do soul work together? Did we fulfill our true purpose?

We run through life. We fill our date books. palm pilots and every waking moment with doing. We seldom stop to realize that every new moment presents us with a priceless, precious opportunity to be who we really are, and do what we really came here to do. One moment after the next we have another chance to step forward into our own destiny. That is a miraculous thing! But, how do we get there when life appears to be so full?

There are some things we can do to get back on track. First, you need to realize that fulfilling your purpose and being your highest self is what you came here to do and it will make you incredibly happy. It is not tedious, limiting work. For instance, look around, see what you have been in the process of doing and how you have been living your life and ask yourself if you are happy. Are your friends making you happy? Is your relationship making you happy? Are you happy with the possessions that you have? If not release them and find out what, or who, it is that does make you happy. Make a commitment not to accumulate things, activities or people who do not add real value to your life. Be willing to risk being alone by choice, rather than to remain willing to accept less than you deserve of anything.

Deliberately create alone time. Your Spirit cannot speak to you in the middle of chaos and drama. Your hearts desires can not be heard when you have your awareness filled with chatter that does not enhance you or teach you something about yourself. It has been said that unconscious people talk about other people. Intelligent people talk about issues, and conscious people talk about becoming more conscious. What kind of talk is your life filled with? If you are not listening to your own inner wisdom, your life is no doubt filled with drama, delays and detours away from your true purpose.

Transformation and transcendence do not mean living in isolation. In order to transform, one must be willing to bring spiritual awareness into daily life and apply it to every human circumstance. How many of us think we, I will get spiritual after things slow down? The assignment, especially at this time, is to be spiritual in every facet of your daily lives as things evolve faster.

Fulfilling your purpose is a transformative experience rather than the act of playing with ideas and concepts. It involves a deepening relationship to Spirit, whatever you perceive that to be. You cannot deepen a relationship unless you are fully immersed in it. That means every activity and thought is influenced by your desire to wake up. That may sound like a very difficult, overwhelming task. In actuality, it is a simply matter of slowing down and asking your self, What feels good to my Spirit, and then doing that.

The Sufi’s often say you have arrived in the instant you have taken your first step. Every moment says, “Begin now.” Every sunrise says, “Today is your day to find yourself.” Every true friend says, “I believe in you.” The entire universe is designed to support you in this process. Therefore, in this season filled with the awareness of birth and rebirth, I encourage you to make the next birth your own. I can, with out any hesitation, guarantee you that you will not be disappointed and when you have found yourself, not a single thing will be missing. You will find you are the gift you have been seeking all along. Happy Holidays.

© Dr. Dina Bachelor Evan 2013

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