Perhaps we should begin to see again through the eyes of as child. Before she has become tainted with the beliefs of adults, if you show a child war, she becomes confused with the inconceivability of it. The child will reach out in tenderness and understanding instead.

Show a child another child who has no food and he or she is instantly moved to compassion and sharing without an ounce of judgment.

Show a child a beaten spirit and the child will immediately become protective and want to care for it.
Show a child the beauty of the earth and the child is instantly in wonder, appreciation and awe about the smallest of creatures, the tiny caterpillar or blade of grass or the largest elephant and grandest of canyons.

Show a child color and the child will splash it everywhere with joyful abandon, pushing the brilliancy beyond the edges until shown how to do it right.

When a child is in the presence of negative energy, she simply walks away or turns her back. No need to change it – just discern it and take care of herself accordingly.

Show a child an older person and there is immediate affinity, warmth and respect. She will climb on a lap and listen with great anticipation and eagerness.

Show a child life and she receives it with great expectation and total embrace of the potential.

Show a child love and she allows it to flow through her to others. She opens herself to as much of it as she can hold as if the quality of her life depends upon the flow of this life giving energy.

Through a child’s eyes every moment and every person in it is incredibly important and necessary to survival.

As adults images of killing, corruption and lack of civility and loss of ethics barrage us. We are inundated with it on television. Is it not interesting that the top 10 companies in the world control what is seen on the television and, in fact, all major networks and forms of media?

What are the steps to controlling a society of people? First you make it hard for people to know about themselves. Set up unattainable goals for how people ought to look act and live. Provide all the answers for people so they stop thinking for themselves. Then you eliminate points of comparison. In other words, you get rid of any images, languages or thoughts that might be different. After that you separate people from each other. Make it easy to just stay inside and get information from the television especially if you control the content. Next you occupy the minds of people with fear. We seek it in DVD’s, computer games and theatres. We read about in our newspapers and magazines and we have hardened our hearts because we feel we can no longer change the direction in which the world is going. We are inundated with warnings of attack and disaster. All of this encourages the use of any means to numbing out. In this midst of all this we have redefined happiness as no attack today rather than living life in an intentionally profound way. In shutting out the fear and negativity, we have also shut our hearts to the love, caring, warmth, compassion and possibilities for connection that would move us to creating change.

It’s time to let our hearts break open again with love; the way they used to when we were children and dared to feel everything. When was the last time you felt the beauty of nature, the love of your partner, compassion, passion or deep commitment? Maybe we could start 2003 with the willingness, to simply feel again – everything – first hand. Turn off the television and grab your partner, take a walk, touch his or her face, kiss a flower, scream out loud, come alive and begin to see life through the eyes of a child. The view is still exquisite.

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