In the world of Selfies, Likes, friends, websites, Twitterers, Facebookers, Googlers and followers have we become so other directed that we have lost the quiet sound and voice of our own wise mind? Can we still hear that part of us that is inwardly curious, the part that hones our character? We are starting to identify our worth and value by how many followers and likes we get instead of who are and what we are contributing in the world, in our circle of friends and in our families.

Have We?

There are fewer searches or inward explorations on issues such as honesty, kindness, integrity, consciousness and character on line. There are 29,000,000 sites on honesty and integrity and 318,107,000 on dieting and fashion. Have we become more concerned with our outside than how feel about the growth and state of our own soul?

We can barely put our cellphones away long enough to connect with partners and friends face to face. People feel if they become disconnected from their gadgets, they are disconnected from life. So perhaps the question for the new year is…are we spending precious time and energy on the things that only serve our ego? Is a meaningful life determined by the size of our waist, the number of wrinkles, what our stock portfolios look like? Or would we be happier if we were focused on finding our calling, checking off our bucket list and being more interested than interesting. If you feel as if you want more meaning in your life — get curious.

  • What breaks your heart open?
  • What deeper questions do you seek answers for?
  • For which issues can you be all in?
  • What prejudices do you hold inside and have you explored whether or not they still hold value in your life?
  • What are your fears and do you face them — or do they control you?
  • What makes your heart feel joyful?
  • What have you always wanted to learn?

And, most importantly, what are you waiting for? If we want a meaningful life, we need to get present to the meaningful things in our lives. This means listening to what others are saying to you and genuinely caring about them. It means being present to whatever you feel as they are talking to you. Just the simple practice of noticing when you shut down, when you feel discomfort or a need to fix the other person’s issues. It’s being aware of when you move into judgment. It means listening to yourself and noticing when fears arise and asking whether the fears are facts or feelings? Are they about the present or the past? In order to heal them, we need to invite them in and understand them. There are so any things you can learn about yourself that are fascinating if you are connected to yourself and listening to your own wise mind. The greatest school you could ever attend is right there in your heart and mind and the moment you sign up, you have already graduated because you are on the path to getting conscious.

Two thousand sixteen (2016) can be the most exciting year of your life, no matter how old you are, what education or skill you have, or what is your income status. This can be the year you understand what that cliché you have often heard, living on purpose means. All that meaning and excitement can be ours if we check out of being concerned about what’s out there, and get focused on the amazing world of information we each have inside. Get curious about what your thoughts are, where they come from and why you are having them. Make a decision about whether or not they are still serving you. As you have heard me say before, invite them in for tea.

Don’t be afraid.

What you will discover is that you already are that amazing person you have been looking for and what you most want, which is growth, excitement and the feeling that you are living on purpose is really incredibly easy. It’s all about staying in alignment with that wise voice inside. He/she’s been waiting for you all along. Have a fantastic New Year. We look forward to sharing 2016 with you.

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