Some of us live in a circle the size of a pinpoint. The only person we talk to is our partner, child or one best friend. The only people we see are those who fit into specific categories i.e. recovering, women, men, teenagers, light, dark, evolving, intellectual, gay, straight. We limit the number of connections in our life as if there was great danger lurking just beyond the parameter of our shrinking world. Some people avoid new thoughts, new tools, new ideas and new people as if they carried a life-threatening virus. The smaller your world, the less safety you feel. Safety is never about our outside world – it is always about our inside world.

The specialists tell us that we begin to die when we stop learning. So why are we so afraid to be the adventurous souls we were born to be? I’d have to change. I’d be different than my whole family. I wouldn’t know what to do about new information. My wife, husband or partner might not grow with me. I’d have to look at stuff I don’t like in myself. Others might leave me.

OK, so let me get this straight. Here you are ready to begin your next life after having left this one and as you, start to design your new adventure you look back and, realize Jeez the reason I never really lived my last life was a lack of belief in myself. Ouch! That’s right. The only reason we hold life back is that we don’t trust ourselves to deal with the information or experiences we discover.

Ever think any of the following? (You fill in the blanks.) You can’t trust______. ________is bad for you. People who _____ are bad. The belief of _____is dangerous. Never go near ________. You will burn in hell if you ___________. You have been victimized by___________. You’re not powerful because__________. You’re not beautiful because______. Certain things like ________ are not good for you. Certain activities like _________are not good for you. Certain people like ________ hate you. People look at you funny because_______.I have to do certain things because___________. Life has to be hard because____________. We’re in a recession because _________says so. I can’t find a job because_________. Get the point?

Are these actual truths or are these your truths? And, if they are just your truths, does your life look the way it looks simply because that’s how you believe it must be? Hmm, maybe life is responding to exactly what you say you want and believe. I wonder what could happen if you believed that you could have anything you wanted or could be anyone you wanted to be? What if YOU were the person who created everything you were in fear of, everything you were in lack of and every limitation in your own life? What if life was not doing it to you – but rather you were consciously or unconsciously doing life exactly as you believe it to be?

Scientists are now telling us that is exactly how life works. We adopt a belief and life responds. It’s all about the electromagnetic quality of energy, the morphic resonance of life. In other words, every thought and action creates a chain reaction that calls to itself the exact energy needed to manifest exactly what you say you believe, to the same degree you believe it. So, the bottom line is …you are living today what you believed yesterday. You will be living tomorrow what you CHOOSE to believe today. Man, are you powerful!

So consider the possibility of living deliberately. How about becoming the creative source for your own life? Whoa. You mean create life exactly how you want it? Yep. That’s what I mean. Scientists tell us directed energy is 72% effective. That means when you direct your energy and attention to an outcome, 72% of the time scientists can prove it effective. So, tell me what would your life look like right now if you could improve it by 72%. Frankly, I think directed thought is 100% effective but they just haven’t proven it yet.

Are you are tired of living like a victim? Do you make a decision and then whittle it away with doubt? Are you tired of feeling like the Universe bounces you around to the worst possible outcomes? Are you tired of being alone, broke and feed up? Ok, then change your mind about how life looks and take the control back. Yes, I hear those of you who are saying this is just too simple to be true. Well are not the most profound truths the simple ones? Life doesn’t have to be that complicated. Start with one little belief and try it for your self. Come on, push that circle out a bit and prove it for yourself. There is a whole world waiting for you and it’s delicious.

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