Someone once said. “The face of the devil is our own.” That is true in this moment. We have tolerated bigotry, dishonesty, racism and prejudice and now it has come home to roost. We are responsible! So how shall we respond to what we have created?  First, we have to move out of our heads, our fear and ego and back into our hearts in order to live the truth we know, no matter what the cost. And, we do know the truth. In the deepest recesses of our hearts we know, that we are complicit, even if it’s because of our apathy. Just breathe. We created this…We can change it.

Nothing is ever created that does not first exist in our own consciousness, good or bad. The era we are in and the principle players are master teachers for us. They are asking us to search our souls and realize that we have been asleep. Even in the smallest circle of our personal lives, we have seldom taken responsibility for broken relationships, financial challenges, health issues, lost jobs and almost everything that happens to us daily. We don’t even take responsibility for the good things, we credit those to good luck. I even sat in a New Thought Church recently and had to tape my mouth shut as the minister said things like, if you want something you must ask God for it, God has your answers, everything is God’s will not yours. I nearly wet my pants. I wanted to jump up and say, “Who in the world taught you God’s job is to work for us not through us? Where is our responsibility in creating our reality?”

We have gotten so lazy that we now expect our politicians, our ministers and even God to do it for us. We have abdicated our power as a way to avoid responsibility for our lives. Our power is returned the moment we own that we are a part of God or Spirit in the same way my hand is part of my body. As long as we believe in separation, we don’t have to take responsibility for anything. That’s convenient, albeit a lie. We are responsible for everything in our lives and the moment we accept that realty we wake up and start creating the lives we want. We can feel the joy of being part of a Divine Spirit that empowers us to change the things that need changing, to find the answers that are aligned with love, honesty, truth and compassion and to act in that alignment powerfully.

Now this is not the time to beat ourselves up. That is not helpful. Once a child understands why he or she should not run in the street there is no need to keep spanking.  Beating ourselves up past the point of understanding is self-abuse. So how do we start to empower ourselves and return to a sense of unity with our spiritual power?

First, we need to learn to greet everything in our lives and every person in our lives as a gift to our spiritual growth. The first question to ask when a horses patoot screws around with your life is, What am I supposed to learn from this experience? The first time you have to claim a bankruptcy, lose a dear friend, say something that was hurtful or end up with a government that is dysfunctional is, What am I supposed to learn from this?  The minute your relationship hits some stormy patches ask yourself, What am I supposed to learn from this? This planet is a grand school in which we can push our souls forward toward enlightenment and we have been skipping classes! It’s clear from everything that is happening today, that if we don’t graduate with honors from this school we may not have many more chances. We are creating more of what we don’t want than what we say we do want. Time to wake up.

You have no idea how amazing and loved you are. Nothing you have done in the past changes that. We are all free to be our greatest selves and do what we came here to do to fulfill our purpose. The first step is owning our responsibility, together with owning our power. Go for it. You are safe. The Universe has your back now and always.

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