Funny, as I write this column I am aware of such uncertainty in the world that I wonder if what I write will even be valid by the time the paper comes out? Will there be another major event that shakes us to the core and rattles our sense of safety? Will there be another tragic loss of life and yet one more reason to accelerate a sense of separation and hatred for others? What if that does happen between now and the time these words find their way to a printed page? Would I be any less grateful during this month of thanks giving for the things I am filled up with at this moment? I hope not, and therefore, here’s my gratitude list with the desire that you will create one of your own with great expectations for what the future brings.

I am grateful that I can sit at my window and have eyes with which to see the brilliant peach in the rose bloom only a foot away and in the lining of the clouds bathed by a Phoenix sunset. I am grateful for the mutual understanding and acknowledgement embraced in a precious card sent by a friend that said, “Loving you is a prayer.” I am grateful that I understand the power of that statement and feel it in my soul in every silent, miraculous connection in my life.

I am grateful for the courage and dedication expressed by my clients as they travel the road of their own healing knowing every step they take is a gift to the world. I am grateful that I have taken my own steps of healing and can now be fully present, fully aware and fully spiritually in love with all of them, my friends and families of birth and choice.

I am grateful for chocolate, especially Carmello, and having the ability to buy it, taste it, and when feeling particularly lonely, hold it in my mouth just a tiny a bit longer than usual. I am also grateful for non-fat frozen yogurt swirls that come out of the machines and land like pillows of pleasure awaiting strawberry blessings. I am also grateful that I don’t visit them or the chocolate on a regular basis because I am also determined to stay grateful that the Universe is sending my precious partner – any day now.

I am grateful that I have finally learned before I left this planet, that life is for living, enjoying and expressing. I am delighted that I have worn my best clothes for everyday, I have given up three inch heels and I have insisted on remaining an un-girdled woman. I am glad that I understand a car is not a badge of honor, a title does not make me worth while and what I have, or don’t have, in the bank has nothing to do with my value. I am delighted that I understand that the only thing I will leave this planet with is my integrity and character and the blessings of those who loved me.

I am grateful that I don’t give myself or my truth up to make others comfortable and even more grateful that others do the same for me. I am grateful for all the horses patoots who have been my best teachers about who I don’t want to be and every splendid, evolved soul who held me in a space of love so I could discover what love acted and looked like. I am incredibly grateful for my spiritual family who let me practice on them until I could get it right. And, I am so grateful for every challenge and formidable task that tested my strength of spirit and fired my soul work. I am grateful for every mistake that I have made and every person who danced with me so that I could make them.

I am grateful for each of you, who through all these years has given me a place to share my feelings, express my truths and fulfil one more part of my purpose. Thank you. And, no matter what tomorrow brings, today, right now, take a minute to be very grateful that we live in a world where despite opposition, you and I can love the person of our choice, the God of our choice and a journey that is priceless. Many Thanksgiving blessings to you all.

© Dr. Dina Bachelor Evan 2013

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