There are people who live deeply enveloped in the aliveness in their life, and there are those who stand on the sidelines. There are people who create ecstasy in their relationships and others who are just doing time. There are those on the cutting edge of consciousness and those standing still in their own ego. The difference is courage.  

It takes courage to be fully engaged with life because we are under the impression that our feelings are facts and that our egos and possessions must be protected at all costs. Looking good, being right and having control too often trump humility, authenticity and growth.  When you are willing to face everything, own every feeling and take personal responsibility for what you create in your life, a stunning clarity and sense of real power arrives. It is then that life, or the Universe, starts to align and organize itself to give you exactly what you want.  Actually, it is then that you realize that life has been doing that all along.  It’s all about passion and courage.

As simple as it may sound, having the courage to live deeply from a place of passion is a challenge. It’s not so easy being the same on the inside as we are on the outside, but living deeply demands that and so that is our work. To live deeply, in alignment with your self, you can’t say you love the people in your life, and then treat them badly. You can’t be partially honest, partially authentic, partially present or partially committed, you either are or you are not any of those things.   If you don’t know whether you are— you are not.

You either create the good in your life or you create chaos and either reality is always outcome of your choices and what you choose to focus on with passion. The Universe, or life, has no agenda for you and it does not presume to assume it should create your reality for you. It’s simply follows your direction, passion and energy. If you want to attract something or someone into your life, you need to make sure that your thoughts and actions are aligned with your desire. It’s a simple Universal principle that has now been proven scientifically.

Is it possible to have it all?  That is exactly what living deeply is all about.  It’s about embracing every feeling and fear. It’s about moving through every challenge to get to the gold on the other side. It’s about giving yourself permission to experience the ecstasy at the same moment that you experience the pain in your life or the world. There really is no either-or. There is no this-or- that. There is only all of it.  The only difference with people who live this way and those who don’t is having the courage to face everything and refusing to be in denial about anything. If you face the fact that the aliveness is gone from your relationship, you can begin to get it back. If you face your anger with a friend, it can begin to resolve itself. If you face your fear about a career change, you will begin to see how to move through it and create something new.   

Pain also has a purpose. It tells us where we are out of alignment with ourselves both individually and collectively. If we are embracing the pain and really listening, we can then make a new decision, adjust our course, get back into alignment to avoid creating additional pain for ourselves. That’s very powerful – knowing that you have the power to create less pain in your life, the moment you are willing to face the pain you are currently in. Pain is actually a great and honorable teacher. It’s a red flag that say, “Hey there’s an opportunity for growth over here.”

If we are going to change the future, we need to find a way to meet ourselves and each other in a deeper place than we have been before – past the separation created by our ego and into a place of higher consciousness and connection.  Living deeply is for pioneers. We have to get past our grandiose sense of self, our resentments and our refusal to heal and find a way to support each other, forgive ourselves and each other, and love each other on this journey. After all, the future needs every one of us.

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