Just One Person

Earnest Holmes once said, “Find me one person who can get his own littleness out of the way and he shall reveal to me the immeasurable magnitude of the Universe in which I live.” This is the challenge of our lives today, to step aside out of our own littleness and step into the greatness of who we truly are. However, this can seem a bigger challenge than it is due to the fact that much of the time we are dealing with a physical issue as much as an emotional one. How?

There are millions of neurons in our brains. Each time we repeat and action or a thought, the energy of that thought or action is sent from one neuron to the next both chemically and electromagnetically. Each repetitively thought or action literally creates a track in our brain that changes the typography. This is why scientists today, can examine the brain of deceased people and tell whether they have had addictions, abuse, stress or chemical exposures. They can tell if a person’s chemistry was out of balance and even whether they felt excessive long-lasting sadness and depression.  Our brains tell a story of fight, flight, freeze or succumb, they tell the story of our lives.

Depending upon the amount of energy in a belief or action, these tracks can be so deep that it can feel nearly impossible to change old habits and patterns, not unlike like an old truck going down a dirt road with deep grooves in it from all the trips back and forth. However, we must jump the track, so how do we do it?

First we need a great deal of compassion for ourselves and the awareness that even if you have a flash of enlightenment and a new understanding of an old issue that is self-defeating or unloving, you may still experience a resistance to changing it. Until you have practiced the new belief or action and it has at least fifty-one percent of the energy the old action or belief has, it won’t feel easy. We have to be committed to building up the energy until it grabs hold. Just as when you are dieting, the first few days feel awful, but then after several days when you get on the scale and are able to see the weight you have lost, you gain more momentum to continue.

Secondly, you will want to practice being in the moment to become aware of your self-defeating beliefs about change. For instance, you might feel, if I speak up, people will think I am stupid. It’s important to examine those fears and determine whether they are true, if they come from your past and if they are valid today. If they are from the past, there is no need to drag them into your life today. Instead make a conscious effort to recognize the fear, give it a voice, thank it for trying to keep you from being embarrassed or looking stupid and let it know that it no longer needs to protect you. As one of my favorite teachers, Ram Dass says, “Invite your fear in for tea.” The minute you begin to explore it, you instantly become bigger than it is. It loses it’s control on you.

Once you have diminished the fear, you will feel more able to go forward. If you are still in doubt just put a toe into the water and test doing something different in a small way until you can build on the energy. Don’t find fault with yourself or shame yourself for having these feelings. Everyone has them about something, whether they admit is or not.

Finally, make a decision to live from your path and purpose, not your pathology and pain. What you came here to do is be your best self. When you do that, and I know there are times when you have, don’t you feel empowered and stronger? When we are caught in the smallness of our lives and act little, we feel ashamed, diminished and powerless. We begin to believe that is all we are and that is a lie. What we came here to do is share our special gifts and energy and that may be what scares us the most. Trust me, you’ll have many people to play with. They may not be the people you play with now who are into remaining little, but the Universe will bring people to you that support your greatness. I promise.

Dr Dina Evan

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