One of the greatest gifts in the Universe is free will. Amazingly, we still don’t understand the impact of the reality that we each, individually, get to create our lives exactly the way we want them to be – through choice.

We have all experienced that odd sensation in the pit of our stomach when we are about to take a step or make a decision that will bring negative consequences. The Universe, having been designed in such a way that allows us to learn from our experiences, does not interfere with these choices. No punishment. No reward. Only consequences to each choice. The Universe simply responds as directed and as it was designed to respond. If reason, intuition, moral convictions or our emotions are not taken into account in our decision making process, the ensuing results may not be pleasant. Having ignored how the Universe works, we may then stand around scratching our head, wondering why it appears the world is out to get us. It’s not. We simply are not listening.

There is an internal voice inside each of us that knows exactly what is right and what is aligned with our spirit and what is not. Taking the time to examine our choices and the consequences of each one is part of the planetary curriculum. If we refuse to do that we will continue to repeat the same mistakes. Clearly every choice is a teacher in service to our soul, however we can, when acting from path and not past pain or pathology, reduce the level of pain and chaos in our lives by making more enlightened choices. The decision to listen to one’s inner wisdom or higher guidance and surrender to process is not an act of passive giving up, but rather, a powerful act of consciousness.

It’s time to stop playing small or dumb and pretending that we don’t know and life is doing it to us. We are doing life exactly as we choose. That’s called taking personal responsibility. If you stop right now and review that last painful choice you made. I will bet you that you can trace back to the exact moment when something inside you said, Don’t go here, but you did it anyway. That is your ego working over time. He’ll ultimate fall in love with me even though he says he does not feel that way right now. She’ll leave her partner and be with me. I hate this job but I’ll make the best of it. I know I can’t afford this but I’ll work it out. I deserve to eat this chocolate cake. Yada. Yada. Yada. You get the point.

When we learn how to trust the deep wisdom of our being, life loosens up, gets exciting and you start to see the possibilities in a whole new light. Whether you call this living intentionally, or higher consciousness, what you are really doing is aligning your heart and mind with the way the Universe actually works. In other words you are reading and using the directions for increasing the quality of your life.

Everyone has an idea of how your life ought to look and what he or she wants from you. Learning to trust that your inner wisdom is the highest authority – no, the only authority and it is a great gift to yourself. It’s stops the chaos and drama. It cleans up ethical issues and it provides you with the greatest possibility of success in every area of your life. We have been taught that we are victims to our circumstances and on the periphery of our reality only responding to life as it happens to us. Now we are beginning to understand that we are the center of our own universe, creating everything that happens in it. You are not separate from your choices! You are your choices and you are living the consequences of every one of them.

So, take a deep breath and the next time that wee small or loud resounding voice inside says, Wait a minute, stop and listen. Make a decision from the center of your own being and save yourself the countless hours of cleaning up the mess. And, if you are in a circumstance from some bad past decision, remember that it is never too late to respect yourself with a new decision that is more honoring. Take the risk of finding out you are your own best master.

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