Do you ever feel as if the people in your life live on a different planet and have a different reality than you do? Why can’t they get it? Why can’t they see it? Why can’t they understand your side of things? This affliction plagues most couples who come to my office for counseling. I call it the “I’m right and you’re wrong,” syndrome.

What is truth anyway? And, whose truth is more truthful than someone else’s?

The truth is, (pardon the pun), that no one really knows what the truth is. Since reality is changing so rapidly, what was truth when you began reading this article may not be the same truth you feel by the time you finish. So, what’s a girl to do?

It seems the bottom line is that if I want to be impeccable with my integrity, I need to make sure that I am telling myself the truth first, and then make sure that I am telling you the truth. But how can I know when I am being excruciatingly honest even with myself?

Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power VS. Force, would tell us that every truth, every word and every feeling has a vibrational frequency with a value from 0 to 1000. He would also tell you there is a way to test to see if you are standing in your truth called kinesiology. You can do it. It’s a good idea to start this test with two people. Here is how it goes.

1. Have your partner stand erect, right arm relaxed at his or her side and left arm held out, elbow straight, as if he or she were signaling for a turn.

2. Now you face your partner. Place your left hand on your partner’s shoulder to steady him or her and then place your right hand on your partner’s extended arm, just above the wrist.

3. Tell your partner to resist, or push up when you try to quickly and firmly push his or her arm down.

4. This will test the amount of spring or strength in the arm. Don’t push so hard that your partner’s arms gets fatigued. Just test for resistance or strength.

5. Now ask your partner to say his or her name and test again. You will notice that the arm remains strong.

6. Now ask your partner to lie about his or her name and say a different one. You will notice that your partner loses all strength in his or her arm. Your partner’s arm is easily pushed down.

Once you get proficient at this kind of test, you can perform it on yourself by making a circle with your middle finger and your thumb on your left hand and then using your right index finger to pull through the circle. When you are telling the truth your circled fingers will resist, not allowing your right index finger through. When you are lying to yourself, you will not be able to hold your thumb and middle finger together and your index finger will pull through easily because you are weaker.

What is the reference point against which we are testing all this truth? Well clearly, the strongest truth would be that which contains the least amount of dissonance and that which resonates the most with what I refer to as Spirit. David Hawkins calls it spiritus mundi or the database of pure consciousness. The more aligned we are with that database or resonance, the stronger we become.

That David guy! I had no idea when I picked up his books that I would now have to muscle test every article I write and every weekly message I send out for it’s level of truth. (To get weekly messages, sign up at

This muscle testing seems to take care of the personal or individual integrity issue, now what about this my truth- your truth dilemma that comes up between two people? Well, as I tell my clients, you just have to start with the premise that what you each offer is true. Your truth is true for you and my true is true for me. Once we accept that we can get to a resolution that works for both of us. Amazing how much blame, shame, wrong right, good, bad and power, and powerlessness energy just seems to dissipate when we realize that.

Gosh if we aren’t careful we could get out of a ton of judgment and all that right/wrong or good/bad stuff and simply begin to ask, Is this the highest vibration of truth and if not let’s get higher together. This one is safe and beneficial to your soul.

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