What’s that saying about the road that’s paved with good intentions? Well no doubt this year we will all make our list of the things we intend to change after the New Year. Then, about 2 days or 20 minutes, after this resolution has made with fists in the air and a loud proclamation– exactly where do we find ourselves but right back in the old behavior, only more guilt ridden and beating ourselves up. Well, it’s a good news, bad new situation. The good news is that in a country that loves getting off the hook this phenomenon really may not be completely our fault.

Scientists are now proving that all those thoughts we have been having, relative to certain habits or feelings about ourselves, actually change the typography of our brain. With each thought, negative or positive, electromagnetic impulses and certain chemicals travel faster than the speed of light from one neuron or atom in your brain to another. As they travel they leave behind a shadow image or impression in the brain called a bouton which creates a track not unlike an old model-T Ford going down a dirt road. Once you have had the same thought a number of times (Deepak Chopra says we have the same 60,000 thoughts everyday), you create a track that becomes very hard to get out of, exactly like an addiction. Your brain becomes accustomed to these chemicals and impulses and begins to respond accordingly creating a craving for them.

Now as if that were not enough, we also have little neuronets in our brains. These are created when one cell or atom reaches out and connects to another brain cell like itself that has the same energy. Einstein taught us that like energy draws like energy and your brain is a perfect example of this. When a craving or need or thought ignites the atoms and cells, they start to draw to themselves other atoms that are similar in order to sustain themselves an create neuronets. The problem is that these little neuronets are feed by every thought pattern, negative or positive, that you have. So, if you feel like you are not loveable and you have had that thought a million times in different forms, can you even imagine how hard it might be to believe that someone loves you!

Some people love to beat themselves up. They do this because it releases the guilt they have. For instance if I lie or cheat, and then I really do a number on myself esteem about it, the chemicals I need to feel better start to flow when I beat myself up and before long I am able to forgive myself. Or, let’s say I love to eat. I overeat and then I berate myself until I feel I have had enough and I can forgive myself. We are actually addicted to the chemicals that our brain produces to feel better even if they are produced in a negative way.

So, with great determination and resolutions in hand where does all this leave us? In order to change our behavior we must become the master of our brain and begin to redirect this energy in a positive way. In other words, we need to lay positive tracks in our brain and set up positive neuronets from which we begin to act, make decisions and live. This is done by inputting, saying, repeating, acting on, and believing positive information that begins to change the typography of our brain. The old computer whizzes used to say garbage in, garbage out. They had no idea they were talking about our brain. We were on the right track with positive affirmations; we just didn’t go far enough to see what was happening physiologically.

Once you have inputted a new belief and the level of energy is at or more than at least 51% of the old belief, you will have created a new track and enough neuronets to begin living from your new belief. The far easterners believe that anything introduced into mind 108 times for 108 days becomes permanent, hence their meditation or prayer beads. We are now beginning to realize that we are not our mind. Instead we are something beyond that. As you read this article and take this information in, who is doing the thinking about what you read as you read it? That is that part of you that has the capacity to change your mind – figuratively and literally.

Remember I said this was a good news bad news deal. Well the bad news is that that old track never goes away even after new neuronets have been created. So you might be going along feeling filled up with love and suddenly you are in the dumps feeling worthless. The good news is you get to remember that it’s only the old track raising its ugly head and you can choose to get back on the new track immediately.

As I often tell my clients, once you know a thing you can never not know it. So I guess none of us have any excuses any longer. Right? Happy New Year, now you really can make it different.

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