I have listened to the news, followed the flood of emails from my lists, read the newspaper and am most disturbed by what is missing. Something that I believe is primary is missing in most of them. Being a woman of faith, I believe that each person who lost human life continues to exist and will forever exist in the hearts and minds of their loved ones. I know that when love is real it is never lost and in the center of this devastation, the truth of forever will ultimately be found. That in no way diminishes the human pain, and I hold a sacred space of compassion for those who are called upon to find their way to this truth now, all who have lost loved ones in a senseless war or disease.

I am more disturbed by the fact that we all have first hand knowledge, to one degree or another, about the end result of hated, division, fear and separation. I have felt it. Someone recently backed into my car at a local restaurant, did $4000.00 worth of damage and then left with no note. But I am certainly not alone. We have all felt it. Someone keys your car or breaks into your home. Someone cuts you off recklessly in traffic. Someone in the family starts a hate trail of malicious comments or criticisms. Someone in your community starts a rumor that causes friends to leave you. It’s men against women. It’s old against the young. It’s straight against gay. It’s petite against large. It’s us against the government or the government against another country. But the truth is, that it’s all actually us against our selves. Dr. Davis Hawkins, who wrote Power VS Force, says that approximately 2% of the people in our world are causing 98% of the problems. So what are the rest of us doing about that?

People who are not yet awake project or embody low frequency emotions and actions like despising, misery, shame, humiliation, vindictive, guilt, blame, destruction, punitive, frightening, fearful, denying, withdrawal, vengeful, antagonistic, angry, aggressive, indifferent, demanding, prideful, scornful, inflated or egotistical. If you take a look at this list it’s easy to see that every one of these emotions is fear based. People who act in unloving ways are always motivated by fear. Big bullies are always little people who feel insecure inside. That’s why they feel the need to puff up in the first place.

How is it that many of us still do not yet see that the lesson for us individually is to get the hated, fear, division and separation out of our own hearts? How can we hold hatred and yet oppose it? How can we separate and cry out for unity? How can we oppress while asking to be free? How is it possible that we do not yet know that if we are so much as thinking a single violent thought, we have added to the violence and the potential for further violence in our universe? It’s time to wake up and stop blaming them and start being personally accountable for what we put into the consciousness of this planet, into our community, into our relationships and into our own bodies and minds.

Want to see the powerful truth in all of this? Ask a friend to work with you. Hold your arm straight out away from the side of your body as if you are making a turn signal. Now ask your friend to see how much strength you have by attempting to push your arm down as you push up. No doubt you’ll be pretty solid. Then ask your friend to do the same test as you hold a hateful thought in mind. You will find that your whole body is weakened and you cannot hold your arm out from your side. Now ask your friend to do this same test while you hold a loving thought that is unifying. Your strength returns. Fear weakens and love strengthens. It’s very simple. Imagine what your body is contending with if you are holding fear and hated most of the time.

A world event takes place when any one of us becomes willing to do our own soul work. Let that begin with me. Let that begin with you. Now.

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