Unexpected Gifts

Life happens between miracles, in the midst of miracles and after miracles… even in difficult times. I took a long time to realize that there is a consequence to every choice in life. Every choice in life is either for aliveness or death. No punishment. No reward, just the consequences of each choice. In my youth, I felt as if life did me. Now I do life.

The first time I had an opportunity to use my awareness of the energy of choice was while raising four kids alone and being out of work. There was an ad in the paper for an administrator for a major motion picture association. The job consisted of running a wonderful program. I was perfect for it. I had training experience, recruiting experience and I had movie experience from being the motion picture coordinator in Phoenix, so I applied, along with over hundreds of other candidates. I made it to the first cut of 20 and interviewed with eight Board Members.

After I left the interview, I ran to the restroom down the hall and sat in the women’s stall. I closed my eyes and focused on the job and getting the offer. I sat in the energy until I was able to envision the Board offering me the job. Then I got up and out loud, I stated that the job was mine.

I didn’t hear from anyone on the Board for several weeks, but I refused to let doubt in. I believed I had the job. Then I got the call. I was invited interview with the entire Board of 22 people. I was elated and terrified and elated and terrified.

I went back for a grueling interview with the entire Board including one gentleman whom I thought was asleep for the majority of my time. Gently, he eventually raised his head and asked, “What makes you think you can do this job better than any other guy?” he asked. I had the softest feeling that he was actually on my side and the question was not intended to be sexist. S, I answered him. “I have great administration skills, great recruiting skills and I have excellent people skills, I doubt that you will find that perfect combination in other candidates.” He smiled and put his head back down apparently satisfied with my answer. The Board seemed satisfied with my responses and thanked me for coming.

Immediately, I went back to my favorite stall and again affirmed that I was being offered the job and stayed with the energy until I felt it was done. Three weeks later, having had every opportunity to riddle the process away with doubt because I had not heard from anyone, and having resisted that old pattern, I got the call. The job was mine! I was turning life around. Everything I have ever created in my life was created first in my mind. Everything you experience began in yours. Years later, I used that same process when that job unexpected stopped to create a career as a counselor and speaker. To borrow a line, if you work it, it works.

Not a single thing has ever been created

that was not first thought of in mind.

Choose wisely.

            Headlines loom with gloom and doom. Every other story on the television is about suffering and abuse of power. We do live in trying times. The challenge, however, is deciding how we are going to respond to them. We can decide to stay focused on what we want rather than what we fear. That shift in perception always neutralizes the negativity.

We can continue to create what we want in our mind first with meditation, vision boards, visualizations. When you imagine yourself getting through the tough times, you create the energy of hope.

Reduce the chaos and drama in your life and stay out of the fray. Hanging out with naysayers and negative people literally has a visceral effect on us and it brings the energy of motivation and commitment down. It can make you immobile.

Don’t limit yourself. Keep and open mind. A complete career change may be the exact thing you need to start a completely new life. Get creative, and blow the lid off your control issues and need for the status quo.

Most of all, remember who you are! The person who walks out the door after a company closure or lay-off is the same person who walked in with a suitcase full of skills and abilities. You are leaving with those same skills. You are NOT YOUR JOB! You are a talented, worthwhile person who has much to offer to the next employer or endeavor. So put on some raucous music, shake off any energy of failure and start creating your future and the unexpected gifts from adversity.

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