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Weekly Message Calendar and CD

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*** Amazing Space CD ***

Especially for you.
These meditations were voted BEST MEDITATIONs by Sitting in Spirit Groups! Now the most requested meditations are on CD. The first track takes you deep into a cleansing and balancing process that leaves you feeling centered, alive, energized, and clear. The 2nd track is for resolving past trauma or memories that are holding you back and still affecting your life and journey today.

Track One of Amazing Space CD is an Opening and Balancing Meditation that will assist you in clearing these chakras and balancing your energy. In addition to your respiratory and circulatory system, you also have a system for the flow of energy in your body. This system is called the chakra system and consists of vortexes of energy located in specific places throughout the body. When this energy is free flowing and healthy you feel alive and are able to express your feelings without resistance or conflict. You feel energized.

Track Two, Memory or Trauma Resolve, is designed to help you resolve past trauma or experiences that are still affecting your choices or ability to move forward in your life today. People tell us this amazing energy balancing and chakra opening meditation takes them deeper than any other meditation CD they have ever used. Release negative experiences in a safe and loving way. Reserve yours today. Order one for yourself and order early for Xmas gifts and stocking stuffers. Each track is 30 minutes long.

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*** Breathe Daily Inspiration Calendar ***

Gift: Awakening inspiration, wit, wisdom and insight
from Dr. Dina's favorite Weekly Messages

You Asked for It!

Finally, an attractive table/desk top perpetual calendar with all the best of Dina’s Weekly Messages. Instant inspiration, wit, wisdom and insight to enlighten and inspire for years to come. People tell us no matter what message they choose, it is always exactly the right one that they most needed. This wonderful free standing addition to your day includes all the favorite inspirational messages from Dina that you have been sticking on your refrigerators and doors. This is a beautiful presentation piece that you will cherish. Order yours today and order extras for Xmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

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