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New Tools for All Relationships and
Life Styles
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   Remember what matters? Your family and relationship!
   Now, more than ever before, It's time to…


An Experience that opens the door
to a new kind of Sacred Relationship

       October 13th, 20th and 27th (Deadline to Register September 22nd)
Minimum number of registrants required: 20

   Are you asking…

What is real love really about? How do I create relationships that last? Where has the joy and in love feeling gone? Is it time to leave or time to learn? How do we communicate without arguing? How do we set and respect boundaries? Why is loving someone so painful? How do we deal with differences?  How do I make a better choice in my next relationship? How do we stop unnecessary chaos and drama? How did sex become boring? How do I put equality, fairness and ecstasy back in my relationship?

If so, this weekend experience is for you!

Safe…No Embarrassing Moments-No Forced Activities
This is what couples and singles say when asked…
"What gift did you get from this experience?"

  • The safest environment I have ever experienced!
  • I loved being in this wonderful, diverse group! We all discovered we had similar issues and great love. It was incredibly connecting.
  • My life and my relationships with my partner and family are forever changed.
  • An incredible space of authentic growth instead of just another seminar.
  • This experience was more meaningful than I ever imagined.
  • The gift of my life and my wife back – This was far beyond my expectations.
  • I got tools I never knew existed that will insure deeper connections and truly successful relationships.
  • I am flying out of here with the incredible gift of MYSELF!
  • Better than all my hopes and expectations.
  • Should be a pre-relationship requirement for everyone both gay and straight.
  • I am finally free to be myself!

   This weekend experience gives you the tools to:

  1. Create and respect your own boundaries.
  2. Create deeper communication and ways to resolve conflict without arguing.
  3. Understand what does work and what does not work in successful relationships.
  4. Understand why you have chosen this particular or past partners and what you need to learn.
  5. Forgive past pain and injury and move on to create success.
  6. Make commitments to yourself and others that last.
  7. Understand the normal phases that relationships go through.
  8. Make better choices for yourself as a single person.
  9. Create safe, meaningful, deep healing together.
  10. Wake up and cherish each other and your contracts.
  11. Bring the aliveness, love and passion back!
  12. Create commitments that last.

To reach Break Through or Dr. Dina Evan call
602-571-8228 or fax 602-944-5950

Sign up on our secure site at:
Contact Dr. Dina Now
Web Site: http://www.DrDinaEvan.com

$195.00 per person Non-refundable
Returning attendees $100.00 per person non-refundable
Minimum number of registrants: 20

Sign up with a family member, partner or friend!


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